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The ASEM Federation launches the campaign # DELAMANO15N to promote social inclusion


Participants can send photos that people get hold of 'hand' to the website www.enfermedadesneurumusculares.org, where a large mural with all the photos will be formed.

The Spanish Federation of Neuromuscular Diseases (ASEM) has launched the citizenship awareness campaign # DELAMANO15N to promote social inclusion, on the occasion of the National Day of neuromuscular diseases since more than 60,000 people live with this type of pathologies in Spain, the Which a large percentage are children.
In this way, anyone who wants can participate by sending pictures in which people get caught 'by the hand' through the web 'www.enfermedadesneurumusculares.org', where they will build a large mural with all the photos Which will symbolize the strength of friendship and solidarity over social prejudices and barriers.

The campaign begins this Monday and lasts until November 15. During this time you can continue and participate in it through social networks with the hashtag # DELAMANO15N and the own profiles of the campaign @ DELAMANO15N.

The ASEM Federation has enabled a solidarity SMS service, by sending a message with the words 'solidarity aid' to the number 28099 will contribute 1.20 euros to improve the quality of life of adults and children with Such diseases.

We invite everyone to participate in this campaign!

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