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Sustainable development: the promise of technology, the slogan of the International People's Day


Technology is a great ally of people with diverse abilities, but not many have access to it.

 The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is commemorated on December 3, every year; This date was established by the United Nations in 1992 to make the world aware that there are many people with different capacities and needs. Right now, more than a billion of the world's population has some disability and of them, almost 200 million have enormous difficulties to carry out their daily lives. In Spain, about four million have some disability, whether physical, sensory, intellectual or caused by mental illness.

 This year 2014, the Conference is celebrated under the motto 'Sustainable development: the promise of technology'. According to the United Nations, information and communication technologies are of great help in the daily activities of people with disabilities, but not all have access to it.

In his message, the UN Secretary-General argues that "with technology guided by the principles of adaptation, care and inclusion, people with disabilities can make the most of their potential in their communities and workplaces. Employers can use technology to create a supportive environment in which people with disabilities find productive employment and make full use of their skills and competence.

Technology can also help people with disabilities affected by natural disasters by ensuring that they receive information of crucial importance to them. Equal value has the help that technology can provide to make the special needs of disabled people aware of disaster preparedness and response.

Let us do everything necessary to ensure that 21st century policies, programs, guidelines and technologies are accessible to people with disabilities and take into account their perspectives and experiences. Let us unite our efforts to create a better future that is inclusive, equitable and sustainable for all. "

On this International Day of Disability 2014, Maxvida joins all people with diverse capacities and the organizations that represent them, to claim their rights and request measures that abound in improving their quality of life.

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