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World Lupus Day 2015


May 10 is the day of awareness of a disease affecting some 40,000 people in Spain, mostly young women of childbearing age.

The Spanish Federation of Lupus (FELUPUS) on the occasion of the World Day of this disease, which is celebrated on Sunday under the slogan 'One more year in the dark', have denounced that the historical claims of patients suffering from this disease still Pathology affecting more than 40,000 people in Spain.

This autoimmune, systemic, chronic and incurable disease mainly occurs in puberty, affecting 90% of the cases of women of childbearing age. It has continuous outbreaks and exacerbations, with no prospect of improvement, but rather the opposite, because the effects of the disease itself are compounded by the negative effects of an extremely aggressive medication.

Lupus is considered a highly disabling disease due to the organic lesions that it causes and the limitations that it implies for the activities of the daily life, that happen to very strictly avoid the exposure to the sun, both direct and indirect, and to avoid doing any Prolonged and intense physical effort.

Therefore, one of the objectives of FELUPUS is to ensure that this disease is included in the scale of disabilities, because with the recognition of the degree of disability will favor the employment of lupus patients, as the work performed by this group is Would be appropriate to their personal situation, while the employer would benefit from the benefits provided in the current legislation.

The assessment of disability must be determined by the limitation for activities of daily living that generate the pathology and that limitation will cause a person to reach a greater or lesser degree of disability.

In this sense, FELUPUS has defended that the lupic ones have an important limitation for its development in the daily life and, very spatially, to carry out a work activity, being this a problem whose resolution is in the hands of the Administration.

On the other hand, since the main cause and one of the main triggers of the disease and the outbreaks of lupus is sunlight, since FELUPUS have claimed public funding of photoprotectors, since lupi should apply these products daily to protect themselves of the sun.

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