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General Purchasing Terms and Conditions
The following General Purchasing Terms and Conditions shall apply to all product sales and services provided by www.maxvida.com. Therefore, the utilization and purchase of products by users and consumers in our online shop presume, in any case, the acceptance of these General Purchasing Terms and Conditions. Users and consumers should read thoroughly the General Purchasing Terms and Conditions prior any purchase.

Purchase Guarantee
The main objective of Maxvida is to provide quality products and services that satisfy its consumer’s tastes and needs.If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, Maxvida guarantees the total reimbursementof the purchase total amount or the product exchange, within seven days after delivery of the order. If the purchased product is damaged as a consequence of incorrect maintenance or worn out due to everyday use, its exchange or return is no included in this guarantee. Besides, made-to-measure products as well as alterations or mended products will not be exchanged or accepted as returns. If you have any questions or comments about our products, we would love to hear from you. Please contact our Customer Service Department: info@maxvida.com

How to Place an Order
• Online Shop: You have the possibility of placing your orders through our online shop www.maxvida.com. It is essential to write your data correctly, and without any mistakes in your delivery and/or invoicing addresses, since it facilitates delivery. We offer a detailed description of all our products as well as photographs and examples of their adequate use. If, however, you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department: info@maxvida.com or call +34 976 36 93 33 in Spain and +44 20 3807 4699 in the UK, we’ll be delighted to help you.

During the purchasing process, when you press the button “Buy”, you accept completely and without reserves all the current General Purchasing Terms and Conditions. Once the purchasing process has been concluded, Maxvida will confirm your order by sending you an email.

• By telephone: If you prefer not to order through our online shop, you can call and give your details to our Sales Department or Customer Service Department: +34 976 36 93 33 in Spain and +44 20 3807 4699 in the UK.

• By e-mail: info@maxvida.com

Product prices in our website www.maxvida.com include 21% VAT, but not so delivery costs. Purchases by consumers in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are considered non EU sales, due to their special tax regime. Therefore, consumers in those geographical areas are exempt from any VAT charge, although customs costs and import taxes should be paid at the reception of the order, on destination, for not being enclosed neither in the total amount of the invoice nor in the cost of delivery. VAT of 21% is also applied to sales done within EU countries.

Consumers from any other country do not pay VAT, however customs of the corresponding country will apply the pertinent taxes. Maxvida reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom we are involved in a lawsuit.

Prices exposed in www.maxvida.com can be revised and modified when conditions require a change.

Products on Sale
Offers and special promotions carried out by www.maxvida.com will be shown with the offer Price, original Price, percentage of discount and the ending campaign date. The promotion will end when stock of the product on sale runs out, and in any case it will be advertised accordingly.

Payment Methods
a) Bank Transfer or Bank Deposit: Once the order has been placed and if you prefer this method of payment, Maxvida will send you an email as a confirmation of your purchase and will indicate the corresponding order number, as well as the current account and the Bank to which the Bank transfer should be made on behalf of Maxvida. When making the Bank transfer, you should indicate as the concept: the order number and your personal data. The order will remain pending of delivery until we receive, via telematics or email, the Bank transfer receipt and check that the deposit for the total amount has been made at the Bank. The additional Bank costs for making the transfer are on your behalf.

Payment of invoices, when Bank transfers are made from abroad, has to be in € and Exchange commissions, as well as other costs and Bank commissions will be paid by the consumer. Orders will be dispatched once payment has been checked in our account. Normally, this will delay order delivery just one or two days.

If within ten days we have not received, via Bank transfer, the order amount, we will proceed to cancel the order.

b) Credit card: Each user declares himself at full capacity to use credit cards and that they have enough funds to cover all costs resulting from purchasing through www.maxvida.com. In case the POS terminal (Point of Sale Terminal) informs us that your card has been refused, your order will be cancelled automatically and then we will let you know about the order cancellation. Maxvida guarantees that all operations that imply personal and/or Bank data transmission are carried out in a secure environment. The charge is made on real time, through the Bank’s payment Gateway terminal, once it has been confirmed that the communicated data are correct. Maxvida reminds that fraud with a credit card is a crime and will take legal action against any person who does a fraudulent transaction in our online shop.

c) PayPal: If you are not satisfied with the traditional payment methods, you can make payments in Internet with PayPal in a secure, convenient and profitable way. PayPal has an additional cost of 3,5% over the total order amount. For more information, visit Paypal website: http://www.paypal.com.

d) Cash on Delivery: This method of payment is valid for deliveries to Spain mainland, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Payment will be made in cash at the moment of the order delivery to the courier company in charge. This method of payment has an additional commission, due to collection management, that will be added to the invoice partial amount plus delivery costs and which will be paid at the destination place. We will send the invoice, via email, to you to let you know the total amount (invoice plus delivery and collection management costs) so that you will have ready the cash.

www.maxvida.com uses a secure Server based on SSL Technology, so that all information transmitted is sent encoded through the Internet. Therefore, all transactions made using credit cards are secure and their data confidential (credit card number and expiration date) are not sent to the Server of Maxvida, but there are transmitted directly and in an encrypted form (SSL – Secure Server Layer) to the Bank, so that Maxvida has no access to the mentioned information.

Delivery Costs
Orders will be delivered to the address you indicate, therefore, Maxvida does not assume any responsibility when delivery could not be accomplished because the data given by you are incorrect or incomplete or when the addressee is not at home. Without detriment of this Maxvida will adopt all measures required to a responsible and efficient company to deliver the order as soon as possible, to the complete satisfaction of both the sender and the addressee. Maxvida guarantees delivery of goods within the stipulated period, depending on the selected transport method and the destination facilitated by the buyer. There is no delivery service on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, that should be taken into account when calculating the date of delivery. Also, deliveries could be delayed under special circumstances (on special days as Christmas, transport strikes or extraordinary events). Your order will be sent when we get the transfer receipt and check that you have deposited the total amount of the sale in our Bank. You should check the order at the moment of delivery and, if not pleased, make the pertinent claims.

Deliveries on behalf of other people You can buy on behalf of other people, as a present or to a third party, and send the order directly to that person. In that case, you should fill in the address of the person to whom the delivery should be made. You can request us to send the corresponding invoice straight away to you.

Multiple deliveries to different addresses You can only order a delivery every time you do a checkout. If you buy several products to people on different addresses, you need to make an order for each one separately.

Order tracking
You can, at any time, track the status of your order in a section found in "My Profile". Maxvida will inform you, via email, your order status: shipment, delivery or possible delay. If the order has been paid for and there is no stock of the particular item, the order will remain pending until new merchandise is bought or produced. You can choose between accepting the delay, exchange the product or ask for the refund of the purchase total amount.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order within the following seven working days after delivery, according to the legal regulations of the Spanish Retail Trade Law. Prior to return, you should indicate your intention of doing so by sending us an email. Maxvida will answer you specifying the precise instructions to return the product. Products should be returned in their original packaging and should have their corresponding labels. We do not accept as exchanges or returns those products made-to-measure, and those that have been worn, washed or incorrectly maintained as well as those which have been mended or altered. Delivery costs of returns are always paid by the consumer. Merchandise with no attached identification of the sender (order number, name, address…) will not be accepted as a return. Reimbursement in the customer’s account, as a consequence of a return, will be effective within seven days from the reception of the returned merchandise.

A product return will produce a reimbursement equal to the product purchased price. If you ask for a product exchange, then those devolution costs are always paid by you and afterwards we will send you another product with no extra charge.

Responsibility, lawsuits and applicable law:
Maxvida will not be considered responsible for breach of contract in case of stock rupture of product unavailability, forcé majeure, disturbance or partial or general strike, in particular of mail order or means of transport, floods or fires.

Liability, Litigation and Applicable Law
In case of a legal dispute, you can contact www.maxvida.com in order to obtain an amicable settlement.

In general, the relationship with our customers, which is derived from the rendering services and products sold in our website Maxvida.com, is subjected to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.

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